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To calculate how many miles you walk from the first tee to the 18th tee, multiply the number of yards by three (the number of feet in a yard) and then divide the result by 5,280 (the number of feet in a mile).This became the recognised format for the game around the world. 1848.This became the recognised format for the game around the world.

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Like so many other developments in golf history, 18-holes-as-standard traces to The Old Course at St. Andrews.

Why do full-length golf courses have 18 holes, and not 20, or 10 or an even dozen.World Tour Golf Links is a Myrtle Beach golf course with 18 holes that offers golf memberships and is a member of Founders Group International courses.

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The Westman Islands golf course is considered to be one of 200 best golf courses in Europe.

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Best Answer: According to most golf historians, it just developed.WHY GOLFERS STRUGGLE TO KEEP IT GOING OVER 18 HOLES, Mark Crossfield golf professional discusses with his Journey Student Michael the ideas and issues that might be making him not make it around 18 holes and lowering his handicap.

First of all, we will look for a few extra hints for this entry: 18 holes in golf.Tee the ball up and hit it, pick up your bag, find the ball and hit it again. 2.5 hours later 18 holes completed, throw the clubs in the car, back for another 18 holes tomorrow simple.An older member of the golf club stated that it would take 18 holes to finish off a fifth of Scotch if one shot was taken at the end of each hole.

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How did 18 holes come to be recognized as the standard for a course, and for a round of golf.

Most golfers expect a golf course to have 18 holes with a par of about 72, plus a practice range and practice greens.Its no surprise to anyone who regularly plays the game, but despite decades of scientific improvements in clubs and balls, the average golf score remains the same: around 100 for 18 holes.Visit the nations's top golf courses and resorts each week with Natalie Gulbis and Jimmy Hanlin, co-hosts of the popular golf show, 18 Holes.In golf, par is the predetermined number of strokes that a scratch (or 0 handicap) golfer should require to complete a hole, a round (the sum of the pars of the played holes), or a tournament (the sum of the pars of each round).It was once said that if you took 18 sips of whiskey, the bottle would be empty.

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Andrews in 1858, one of the members pointed out that it takes exactly 18 shots to polish off a fifth of Scotch.

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In the June issue of Golf Digest, the editors announce that they are promoting a version of the game that diehard golfers everywhere scoff at: nine holes, rather than the standard 18.

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Some of the first golf courses had five holes, seven or whatever.The Old Course at St Andrews is reduced from 22 holes to 18 holes.

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From there, the course figures out the relative difficulty of the other holes on the side and ranks them the No. 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 handicap holes, with the No. 18 handicap hole not.Phil Rogers heads out to the links to the very first golf course in America with a full 18 holes to find out the answer. (Published Friday, May 7, 2010).

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There is a lore that a golf course is made up of 18 holes because it takes exactly 18 shots to polish off a fifth of Scotch.

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The golf course layout and scenery is unlike any other it is surrounded by mountains and birds flying over such as puffins.Golf courses were all sorts of number of holes until about 1764.

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LA JOLLA, CA - JANUARY 30: The 12th hole as seen during the third round of the 2010 Farmers Insurance Open on January 30, 2010 at Torrey Pines Golf Course in La Jolla, California.


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Four old men went into the pro shop after playing 18 holes of golf.As with most golf tradition-related questions, the reason why 18 became the standard goes back to St.

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