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But all joking aside, for many bees used in the honey industry, life is a trial by fire, literally.

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Our beeswax is perfect for making candles (it is the same grade of wax that we use), lubricating nuts, bolts, windows and many other crafts and projects.

If the mixture is too thick, add a little bit of honey along with a couple drops of lemon juice to thin it out.So I decided to also try processing the wax for my very first time.

Another cool fact about beeswax: bees that create wax need to consume 8 times more honey than their counter parts (the drones — or males).In the market of honey products,when we see honey wax for sale the most important question is whether this product is natural or not.It contains disease-preventing and disease-fighting flavonoids for health benefits and uses.Beeswax (cera alba) is a natural wax produced by honey bees of the genus Apis.

The varied uses of beeswax ranges from sewing, soap making, candy making, copper sinks, bullet casting, polishes, painting restoration, glass etching, ear plugs, ear candling, encaustic painting, bronze.

Many common shampoos and conditioners cleanse hair but do nothing to improve its quality.Wax is used by honey bees to protect themselves against water loss through the integument and in the construction of combs.Beeswax is a complex substance made up of wax esters, fatty acids and hydrocarbons. by Clarence Collision.

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The benefits of the propolis is so high that even honey bees use it in the hive for many reasons.

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We sell beeswax in bulk by the pound especially for the craftsperson or anyone else who needs beeswax in large quantities.A beehive is an enclosed, man-made structure in which some honey bee species of the subgenus Apis live and raise their young.Ready-made honey waxes are available at chemists and beauty supply stores, but you can make your own wax at home using regular honey and a few other common ingredients.

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This is the most common form of honey found on shelves ad used by most people.Wax produced by bees has different purposes: the cover (protects bees from moisture) and construction (used for the construction of the combs in which worker bees lay honey, pollen and breeding).


I knew that it was a natural product and had to do something with bees, but I was intrigued why it was hailed as a wonder ingredient in beauty products.The widespread use of honey continued with the Greeks and the Romans, and tradition after tradition allowed our generation to use honey for foods, cosmetics and even medicine. 2, 3, 4 Take some time to read this page and learn what raw honey is, how it can greatly enhance your health and the qualities you should look for when buying honey.


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