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Hair relaxers have changed from their original incarnations, reducing the amount of lye, so.

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If chemical relaxers are done improperly, there are a host of side effects, not the least of which includes hair being caused to fall out.

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Unfortunately since this relaxer was done over a year ago, the damage that was done is likely permanent, involves some scarring and is why your hair grows back very thin.

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These products help straighten naturally kinky or curly hair, making it manageable.

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Women who regularly chemically straighten their hair or dye it dark brown or black have an elevated risk of breast cancer, recent research suggests.Ever wonder how chemical straightening (a.k.a. relaxing) gives tightly curled black hair that flatironed or blow-dried look.Restore color vibrancy and shine to relaxed hair with Beautiful Collection semi-permanent, a gentle, no-peroxide, no-ammonia hair color.

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The active agent is usually a strong alkali, although some formulations are based on ammonium thioglycolate instead.The Mizani Hair Relaxer Unisex Kit is awesome because you get a large amount of product consisting of four 7.5 ounces sensitive scalp relaxer base, four 2 ounce sensitive scalp activators, as well as four wooden spatulas (one for each use).For African hair, it is used to create perms, while for those who have natural wavy hair, the same product is practiced for complete hair straightening.

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STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM For many African American women, using a hair relaxer is an essential tool to maintaining their hair.

Hair relaxers are used by millions of black women, possibly exposing them to various chemicals through scalp lesions and burns.

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Any trace of a relaxer that is left on your hair will continue to process, causing your hair to break.The history of hair relaxers began more than 100 years ago, changing the way African-American women take care of their hair.Your product will be shipped to its final destination to arrive in 2 business days or faster.

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Chemical hair breakage is the term used to describe the damage caused by harsh chemicals that are used to style and straighten hair.You should always have chemical straightening done by an experienced technician who can carefully monitor the process, and ideally use someone who has been personally recommended by a friend or family member.

Chemical relaxers can cause terrible damage to your hair and scalp if applied in the wrong way.Porch said professional stylists like herself know how to care for your hair and can properly add all the nutrients that have been stripped during the chemical process.The debate over natural versus relaxed hair has long been a hot topic within the black community.

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One that relaxes, as a chemical solution used on tightly curled hair to soften or loosen the curls.With growing concerns about the potentially harmful chemicals found in many beauty products, hordes of people are making the switch to products made with all natural ingredients.


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